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July 2020 | The company newsletter of HRTales
“Leadership and leading with empathy are going to be extremely critical and sensitive now more than ever. Leaders and organizations that take a more employee-centered approach weighing the pros and cons of every situation will thrive on many fronts i.e. reputation, employee engagement, talent retention, etc. Authenticity and “being real” is equally important. In an uncertain time like this, employees will continue to seek answers to questions that do not have a clear YES or NO answer. It will be important for leaders to be truthful and acknowledge that they may not have all the answers vs. providing information that may be controversial”.
Varshini Iyer
Strategic HR Business Partner, Johnson and Johnson (J&J), New Jersey, USA
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“HR leaders are responsible for ensuring that culture management is a core focus of their organization's competitive efforts. During Manulife's time, I was fortunate to have been part of the global project to come up with the EVP (Employer Value Proposition) for the entire organization that sums up the team’s spirit, which is “This is You, Unlimited.” The impacts were profound, each of the employees felt more motivated to do their jobs and showed better work performance as they believed that the Company also cared for their career aspirations and growth within the organization from the moment they were hired until the day they retire”
Christina Ambarwati
RODAMAS Group, Jakarta, Indonesia
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“Employee happiness, while it is a critical component, is still a subset of Engagement. A happy employee need not be an engaged employee. They may be happy because the workplace is fun - with like-minded colleagues, office parties, celebrations, etc. but these may not necessarily make them committed enough to put discretionary effort to achieve organizational goals. An employee who is so holistically connected to the organization finds it difficult to leave, bringing down attrition and ensuring retention - and we all know the benefits of low attrition in an organization especially in growing markets/industries, etc,”
Ankita Singh
Associate Director, MX Player, Mumbai, India
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of the Month
Sahadeo Chaudhary, GPHR®, DGM HR, Mahindra Finance .
“A pristine decision making is not ideally arrived at through data most of the times but through human experience, expertise, and revisiting patterns of history and these variables are the key to arrive at an optimum conclusion. At Human Resources, Managers and Leaders come across a lot of complex intricacies that are novel and unique. The key to addressing these is to determine all variables, give it a thought and go by the gut feel, and hopefully one wouldn’t repent that decision!!!”
To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.

- Doug Conant

Why Organizations Must Audit Their Training Programs?
Regular audit of training programs is of great help when it comes to the detection of unusable, irrelevant, or outdated training techniques that are no longer serving the intended purpose. The reason for such deviation may be anything, lack of proper updating and maintenance, or obsolescence. Once the obsolete training programs are circled out, they can be easily replaced with sound and efficient techniques.
Helping you build a Culture of Continuous Improvement
Given that continuous improvement is a long-term goal, it is often labelled as repetitive. Changes do not happen overnight, and they do not take place instantly. Sometimes, bringing the initiative from scratch might be a big accomplishment altogether. There is no end in continuous improvement hence an organization should keep on trying until they reach the phase where the operation is seamless. Improving the working culture of a company is the toughest task yet it is necessary.
Primary HR Challenges in Startups
One can enumerate tens of possible reasons why a new Startup could fail in the first few months or years. But if you’ll ask for that one defining factor, it has to be Human Resources. Overlooking it will make the biggest harm than anything else. Somewhere around a quarter of the startups fail only because of hiring the wrong people, or lack of right people working for them at the right time. A new Startup requires an easy and effective recruitment strategy which will give them highly skilled employees in the most cost-efficient way.
"To handle yourself, use your head
To handle others, use your heart"

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Why this is the right time to hire an Interim HR Leader?

In the current market environment, which is so UNPREDICTABLE and UNCERTAIN, organizations need to be LEAN enough to compete yet AGILE enough to respond to changing circumstances, whether that means seizing NEW OPPORTUNITIES or warding off threats. It is an impossible balancing act unless you take a flexible approach. This is where interim management comes into its own. INTERIM MANAGERS are independent senior executives, hired at short notice, and for limited periods to provide extra management resources or fulfil a specific assignment. When their task is complete, they leave with no fuss – no terminal bonus or retirement benefits or severance payment.
At EclipticHRS, we are facilitating the hiring of INTERIM HR LEADERS – HR Managers or HR Directors, for as short as 30-days and as long as 365-days of duration. One of the key benefits of hiring an interim HR Leader is the fact that they are self-sufficient. Unlike permanent hires, once you have given them a clear brief with a robust set of objectives, there is no handholding needed, allowing the client to get on with their job and leave the interim to deliver. With an established career already behind them, the interim is not career ladder orientated. They are there to get the job done.

The use of interim managers is increasingly being considered as an effective and positive way for companies to achieve their business objectives and obtain highly specialized leadership skills at crucial times.

Therefore, if your business is not in the position to hire a full-time HR LEADER, calling on us to act as an interim HR Director or Senior HR Leader could be the ideal solution. Our expert team of HR consultants are true HR heavyweights with many years of experience. We can hit the ground running and seamlessly integrate into your business.

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