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June 2020 | The company newsletter of HRTales
“AI technologies can increase the efficiency of recruitment processes, improve employment branding, bolster recruitment marketing, improve the hiring experience for both candidates and hiring managers, optimize sourcing and enhance the quality of the candidate pool, all while driving down costs and streamlining repetitive tasks. AI cannot replace the human element in hiring”.
Parul Kataria
VP, Talent Acquisition EXL
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“The impact of AI in the HR domain is a debatable topic. However, I feel, the application of technology will be merely a way of becoming more efficient, transforming function in a more paperless and digitalized way. AI will surely impact transactional work, which is repetitive, rule-based, and where high accuracy is demanded; it will speed up activities, make an error-free workflow, and will reduce costs. But this is only 40% of the work of HR which can be controlled through technology, but the rest 60% will always be human-driven. A human touch, connect, ideation is something that can never be created or driven by any technology”.
Jayanti Phadke
Head HR – Global ITS and TTC, Toll Group – Toll Technology Center
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“The qualification has no direct correlation to being successful in recruitment. You need to feel passionate about connecting with people (either as clients / stakeholder or as candidates), understanding the expectations/motivators, effectively positioning a job or a candidate, influencing ability, etc… it’s like “Bridging the Gap” or “Solving a Problem”. The most challenging aspect of recruitment is the candidate anchorage post-offer and before joining period”.
Uma Srinivasan
Head TA & TM, Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
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Our Guest
of the Month
Pavithra URS, HR Leader, Leading Gaming Company, Bangalore .
“In a time of crisis, HR leaders must welcome discomfort, be assertive, and lead from the bleeding edge. Be a first rather than a supportive second. Do not wait for the leadership team to make assignments. Go where you must. Do what is needed. Permissions can wait. Crisis management through HR planning enhances the company’s ability to deal with crisis and ensures faster recovery when an organization is faced by a crisis”.
HR is the unofficial psychologist, event planner,
peace maker, lawyer and teacher
Why is it important to create a workplace that supports Mental Health?
“It is commonly believed that mental health has nothing to do with the working capabilities of a person, but that is not the truth. Mental health can have a devastating impact on the productivity of the employees, moreover, it will attract absenteeism. Mental health affects physical wellbeing and someone who is struggling in himself cannot work to his potential. While there is still a possibility of argument that is there actually a space for mental health evaluation programs at workplaces when there are other areas where immediate attention is required”.
How HR Analytics is Changing Workplace Dynamics?
HR Analytics has become an imperative part of people’s lives to keep a quantitative gauge on money spent in an organization alongside the employee engagement programs. HR systems can also determine the quantitative effectiveness of several initiatives carried out by HR. Companies can begin to measure several parameters year and year and still have robust data.
Culture: The Underrated Differentiator of Organizational Success
Culture is the attribute which keeps the organization novel from its competition. Just as a character makes a person different among his folk, culture could be said as its own personality. In short, customers who are looking to buy your product will see your soul on the end product. This makes them identify themselves with the brand.
"Great Vision without
Great People is irrelevant"

- Jim Collins

Learning and Development -
EclipticHR, in association with Avvartes, global company that emboldens leaders, teams and organizations to Learn, Grow and Thrive, presenting a leadership development program - RESILIENCE for GROWTH (R4G). Resilience for Growth is developed and delivered by women for women.
Using the power of self-awareness and storytelling, R4G enables women leaders to choose mindsets and habits that increase resilience. What choices will help you re-energize yourself vs. accepting energy-draining patterns?
In this 4-month program, you will also build meaningful peer relationships, reminding you that you are not alone.

R4G- 2019 deeply impacted the careers and lives of 28 women on 4 continents. Building on this impact, R4G-2020 will strengthen your capacities to lead through Covid19 disruption into the new normal. R4G 2020 is 100% virtual, while retaining our connection, authenticity, and power. Uniquely positioned to build resilience, the Avvartes R4G faculty combines academic research with real-world executive experience. We focus our attention as much as possible on solutions, possibilities and opportunities and as little as necessary on problems, deficits or shortcomings.
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