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September 2020 | The company newsletter of HRTales
“We can see a path forward for HR that requires some fundamentally new thinking about what HR does and how it is built to deliver. The way forward may start with discrete adoption of workforce shaping or piloting a more digital experience in one of their business units. In an interview with HRTales, SG Vignesh, Senior Manager, HR Shared Services at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India, said, “In the next 5 years, many of the administrative HR roles will either erode if not cease to exist. We could see newer roles emerging if not all of these but to mention a few, diversity and inclusivity, data & decision making, HR AI and automation, HR design thinking, Employee Experience, and the list may look quite interesting as we move on to the next decade. There are tons of untapped opportunities in front of us and they are up for grabs”. ”
SG Vignesh
Senior Manager, HR Shared Services at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India
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“Companies should never have training for the sake of having training, otherwise, it can result in a wasted effort as the employees never end up using what they learned in their jobs. Training programs should be deliberate and impactful with a specific purpose in mind. In an interview with HRTales, Sushma Kumar, Head of Professional Services Delivery and Consulting, SHL Talent Assessments – India, mentioned, “A training program has to be anchored in a work context, it should have real problems to solve, it should have “take back action plan”, and it should have a reporting back mechanism. More importantly, the managers should be enabled to create opportunities to practice what they learned, recognize a shift, and allow a “show and tell” where the employee can tell their story. It’s no different from scripting a thriller movie – start to end”.”
Sushma Kumar
Head of Professional Services Delivery and Consulting, SHL Talent Assessments – India
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“At today’s leading organizations, talent is becoming entirely integrated into business strategies, capital investments, and operations. Human capital issues command increasing attention and, in some cases, have become a permanent fixture on board agendas. Senior business leaders consider talent to be perhaps the critical factor in the push for sustainable growth and the need to manage new opportunities and risks in a more complex – and interdependent – world. In an interview with HRTales, Prasanna Venkataramanan, a Senior HR Leader with PwC, said, “Recruitment is the gateway function in HR to get new employees into the company. Your experience there will help you to lay your foundation to be a successful HR leader. To me, it is particularly important to understand how various departments function to be able to provide a holistic solution to your Business leader as a Business Partner. Hence, I would strongly recommend role rotation across various HR Departments once in at least 3 years”
Prasanna Venkataramanan
Senior HR Leader with PwC
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“Prior to initiating the transformation, the leadership team in any organization must align its thought as to what digital means to the organization and how it will fit into the overall business model. This alignment will shape the digital operating model of the organization that is composed of aggregated future state digital capabilities (i.e., processes, people, and technologies). It is HR’s role to map the future required digital capabilities and where they should be executed in the organization”, Smitha Swamy, a Senior HR Leader, with wide experience in global IT, Engineering and Manufacturing industries.
HR should be the digital transformation leader because, in reality, digitalization challenges are work culture challenges

- Jane McConnell

Five Counteroffer Mistakes Companies Usually Make
It’s not necessary that every employee has to accept a counteroffer wholeheartedly. They may dismiss the offer due to a plethora of reasons. Wondering what should you do if an employee is unwilling to take an offer? If an employee does not want to accept a counteroffer, then you should bow out with grace instead of burning his/her bridge. Taking things on a personal ground should be avoided by every employer. Instead, value the individual employee’s decision of not granting a counteroffer. Make sure to let that employee understand that he/she was adequately valued in the organization.
Workplace Politics – Rules of the Game
Office Politics are simply the powerplay that is still like a puzzle for most of the workers in their workspace. On one side there is a small chunk of the employees who are fortunate enough to gain promotions and rewards, on the other side there is a huge force of worthy Candidates who aren't able to climb the ladder. This is where the social prowess of an employee matters up and above the skills and talent. There can be instances where a relatively less talented person gets a promotion ahead of a more skillful employee banking on his relations in the workplace.
FIVE Reasons Why You Must Consult A Career Coach
Churning out a beneficial career plan is easier told than done. This is where the importance of a career coach comes into play. Some careers such as writing, etc. provide well-defined paths that an individual can follow to attain success. But it requires unmatchable creativity to be successful as a writer. A field like technology can also proffer lucrative opportunities for competent candidates. But it has numerous sub-sectors which could be challenging for the job seekers to find an optimal path.
The path of career satisfaction might not follow a straight line. Only a professional career coach can help you position yourself to attain your immediate and future goals. It needs a thorough insight into the dynamics of different industries to make the right decision. By striking a balance between your skills and personality, a career coach will help you create a more effective career plan.
"Digital Transformation isn't a waste of money, it's the necessary cost of change"

- Edward Humphrey

Future Readiness – Digitalization Of HR

Digital transformation is defined as the transition of a business based on traditionally manual processes to a business that has technology as its core in all its functions: internal (employee-facing, operational) and external (customer-facing). Transformation is the outcome of digitization. It is not the process of digitization itself.
As the HR Director at Microsoft Australia, Ingrid Jenkins, argues, “Transformation is underpinned by a digital mindset that is a unique interplay of technology, people, and process, and technology can also be used to vastly improve HR processes for employees and managers, resulting in a snowball effect of positivity and paving the way for even greater digital transformation within a business”.

It is by adopting this view that we can seriously acknowledge and implement the transformative effect of tech in the HR environment in order to achieve successful results within a business.HR digital transformation is the transformation in the way HR functions, using data to guide all areas of HR: payroll, benefits, performance management, learning and development, rewards and recognition, and hiring.

The role of HR teams in digital transformation is twofold:

1. It is responsible for its own transformation – using automation and digital, data-led processes.

2. In collaboration with the IT department, HR is now being asked to lead organizations towards digital transformation and support its continual digital evolution. This involves empowering employees with a digital mindset to improve workforce processes and enhance productivity.

Digitalization involves becoming a digital-led organization, an organization that leverages digital tools for its daily operations. Digitalization involves creating a culture of using technology to run a business.

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